Tuesday, 20 December 2016

Don't Let Obesity be an Obstacle in Your Life

Extreme Obesity might lead to many ailments and discomfort during day-to-day activities. People with overweight will require some treatment to reduce weight, more than exercises and a stringent diet regimen. Bariatric Surgery is a kind of weight reduction procedure to lose weight in individuals with severe obesity. The operation restricts the intake of food and reduces the intestinal absorption. Healthy eating habits and a proper lifestyle are advised after surgery. Surgery interrupts the digestive process to change food nutrient breakdown and reduce the absorbing calories that thereby enable to decrease the patient’s weight. Weight Loss Surgeries are performed using minimally invasive and laparoscopic techniques.


Gastric bypass, gastric band, sleeve gastrectomy and BPD with DS are the popular bariatric surgeries. The surgeon will advise the patient to follow a strict diet pattern before the surgery. To ascertain the right medication, plenty of tests will be done on the patient.
Gastric Bypass: It is otherwise called Roux-en-Y gastric bypass which is a popular weight loss surgery. The surgical procedure comprises of two steps. The first step is stomach top half where the stomach is divided to create a small pouch of about one-ounce volume. In the second step, the small intestine is divided and the bottom portion is kept intact within the new stomach. It is a standard surgery for long-term weight loss.
Sleeve Gastrectomy: This laparoscopic surgery removes 80% of the stomach area leaving behind a tubular pouch which resembles a banana. As the new stomach contains only small amount of food, weight loss is rapid. The gut hormones reduce hunger and improve fullness. 60-70% of weight loss is expected in this surgery.
BPD with DS: Biliopancreatic diversion with duodenal switch also helps to reduce the weight by a greater amount. The small intestine is divided above the stomach where the distal portion is connected to the new stomach. In this procedure, the patient can eat normal meals and fat absorption is reduced up to 70%.
Gastric Band surgery: Around the upper portion of the stomach, an adjustable band is tied. Above the band, a small stomach pouch is created. Depending on the size of the opening in the stomach, the fullness feeling varies. Due to the repeated adjustments of the band, it looks complicated. Since it is a temporary procedure, once the band is removed again, the weight is gained.
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