Wednesday, 16 May 2018

All About Oesophagal Cancer You Want To Know

Certain diseases have been really harsh and it scares the worst out of you at times. CANCER- The word itself arouses terror and anxiety in you and it is high time we break this myth. Cancer is not to be feared and today's most modern medical advancements have found out the perfect solutions for the same.

One of the most common cancers found today is Oesophageal cancer. We, Gastrosurgeon Cochin, stands the best in oesophageal cancer treatment in Kochi with the high expertise and specialization in the same. Oesophageal cancer affects the pipe that carries the food from mouth to the stomach.

Barrett's oesophagus has been found to be the most important precancerous condition of the oesophagus cancer. Barrett's oesophagus is the medical condition in which the cells of the oesophagus grow abnormally. Heartburn and indigestion are the major symptoms of the disease. The major cause of Barrett's oesophagus is the acid reflux. The extreme version of this, Gastroesophageal reflux disease or GERD, the condition of continuous and frequent acid reflux or backwash, is an important predisposing factor for oesophagal cancer.

Lifestyle has also been a major reason for oesophagal cancer. Smoking kills and yes, through oesophagal cancer. Smoking is an important way of inviting cancer just because of having the worst life habit. Alcohol consumption, improper food habits causing obesity, and sometimes, certain other medical conditions too can be risk factors for oesophagal cancer.

After the proper diagnosing methodologies like PET, CT Scan, endoscopy, pathological biopsy etc has confirmed the condition of oesophageal cancer, it is important to start the treatments as early as possible so as to avoid further complications. The preoperative administration of chemotherapies and radiotherapies are followed usually by the oesophagectomy, the removal of oesophagus based on the severity of cancer in the patients. Oesophagus will be replaced by tubular stomach during the surgery.

We, the best in Cancer treatment in Ernakulam consider it our duty and responsibility to treat and care you and to wipe out your worries. We care about your happiness! We provide the best oesophagus cancer surgery in Kerala.
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