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Know More About Stomach Cancer & Catch Them Early

A gradually developing form of cancer, stomach cancer is the second among the most common cancers in the world. Stomach cancer, also called gastric cancer, is caused due to abnormal cell growth that leads to the formation of tumours in some parts of the stomach. They are dominantly found in the developing countries. Instances of stomach cancer are increasingly found in the male population. Dr. Deepak Varma, a leading gastrosurgeon provides Stomach Cancer Treatment In Cochin.

Causes Of Stomach Cancer

Stomach cancers are known to be caused as the result of a flawed lifestyle. Some factors contributing to the incidence of the disease are as follows: -
  • Stomach infections like H.pylori or ulcers
  • An unhealthy diet with an excess of salted foods and pickles
  • Presence of aflatoxin fungus in dried foods, ground nuts and so on
  • Pre-existing medical conditions like oesophagitis, GERD, Barrett’s syndrome, stomach polyps and so on
  • Due to previous instances of surgical procedures

Types Of Stomach Cancer

Stomach cancers vary in nature based on the location of tumours and extent of spread. The different types of stomach cancers include adenocarcinoma, which are the most common and develop in the mucosal lining of the stomach, GIST developing in the connective tissues or stomach muscles, lymphomas, neuroendocrine tumours and so on.

Signs And Symptoms Of Stomach Cancer

Stomach cancers are known to present different symptoms in different patient depending on the type and extend of the disease. However, loss of appetite is one of the main signs of stomach cancer. Other signs include
  • Weight loss coupled with indigestion and anaemia
  • Vomiting with traces of blood
  • Heart burn
  • Tarry or black stool
  • Fatigue and bloating after food intake


Treatment For Stomach Cancer

The treatment of stomach cancer is initiated after a diagnosis test to ascertain the presence of the disease. The diagnosis tests include analysis of CBC, electrolyte panel, endoscopy or endoscopic scan and so on.

The main treatment for stomach cancer involves surgery where the tumour, affected parts and adjoining lymph nodes are removed to arrest the spread of the disease. In the initial stages of the disease, this can be performed by endoscopy. In severe or advanced cases, these are followed with radiation and chemotherapy.

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