Tuesday, 10 July 2018

How Does A Healthy Food Habit Resist Obesity?

Obesity is being a major issue among all age groups. Many people are trying to get the right weight by their own diet. But the result is most of us could not stick on to the BMI. Obesity does not only cause physical ailments also spoofs mental agony, irritation, isolation from social activities. Though it is hard to accept it is true that healthy food helps to overcome obesity level. So, initially, we can start up with food. Here are some fitness tips in Kerala.


In order to maintain a normal weight, some lifestyle and food modifications should be altered.

Fitness tips in Kerala


Take more protein and light down carbohydrate:

Eating healthy whole boiled eggs instead of cereals will suppress your hunger until lunch. So, it may not instigate you to munch something at every break. Take a reduced level of carbohydrate since it is an energy factor and try to avoid oily, stuffed and puffed items.

Coconut oil food: 

Coconut oil is a pure healthy natural product and cooking food in coconut oil reduces hunger, improves metabolism, and one can take up to 300 calories per day with coconut oil cooked food.

Divide your meal as much as you want

Choose small plates for eating and count how many times you are taking the food. Try to avoid Maida, pasta and white refined items.


Regular exercises

Regular exercises will help to lose fat and unhealthy weight. Slow jogging, walking, push-ups and normal weight lifting will improve the muscle strength

While taking fruits and vegetables, they improve health in every instance and satiate the hunger. These low density foods help in maintaining good health.

Last but not least, keep hydrated the body always. Water has the tendency to promote metabolism at least 30% about 1 hour of time.

Sometimes exercises and healthy diet fail to achieve the desired result, that may be due to some health conditions. Here, you can go for weight loss treatments. You can get the best weight loss treatment in Kochi from the best gastro and bariatric surgeon, Dr. Deepak Varma who helped many people with dietary guidelines, regular diet plan, counseling and other necessary treatments. He is one among the best in providing fitness tips in Kerala and weight loss surgery in Kerala.

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