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Treatment For Hernia In Kochi

Hernia is a common disorder found in people today. It occurs when some organs in our body tend to push out through weakened areas of abdominal walls and muscles. Hernia is characterised by a bulge or protrusion and is usually found in the abdomen, near the umbilicus and groin areas.

Most cases of hernia are unthreatening and manifest itself as a bulge while patients stand, walk, cough, sneeze or lift heavy weights. Hernia cannot be cured by medications and it does not recede by its own. Surgery is considered as the ultimate remedy for treatment of hernia.

Dr. Deepak Verma is a leading gastro surgeon in Kerala and is widely acknowledged for his effective treatment of hernia.

When should medical attention be sought?

As mentioned before, hernia is not life threatening. However, it is important to seek medical attention to avoid potential complications if the following symptoms are experienced.
  • If the bulge grows painful
  • If it shows a faster rate of growth
  • If the bulge gets stuck up in the walls and is visible always

What causes hernia?

Hernias are of different types depending on the cause and location of occurrence. They are caused usually due to strain and weakness in the muscles. This can occur due to factors such as congenital defects, age, lifting heavy weights, pregnancy, constipation and so on. Persistent sneezing or coughing and sudden weight gain are also factors that can lead to the condition.

Treatment for Hernia

Unlike popular belief, hernia cannot be cured with medications alone. Surgical procedures are required to restore the protruding organs. This can be performed either by placing flexible mesh to reinforce the weakened area or with the help of laparoscopic surgery where the hernia sac is pulled back through small incisions into the abdominal cavity. 

Dr. Deepak Verma is currently working as Senior Consultant, Surgical Gastroenterology at Aster Medicity, based in Kochi.

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